Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to Kill German Roaches

German Roaches
If you Have the German roach problem. then your next question should be; how to kill German roaches. The German roach is one of the most common roaches found in homes, apartments, hotels, and restaurants. Usually the German roach make their way into the structures by way of grocery's, luggage, boxes, different types of packages, and on the personal belongings of people. Animal foods are some times the vehicle that carry these critters into the home. the more information on how to kill German roaches naturally you find the better off you are.

The next step is to understand what your dealing with. The German roach is not an easy critter to get rid of. Part of the reason is their ability to reproduce in record time and numbers. For example the female German roach can produce one capsule every 3-4 weeks and can live up to one year.

The Egg Capsule
The female will carry the roach capsule until about 8 hours before they hatch, each capsule represents an average of about 30 baby roaches.

Can you imagine if you had an infestation of a couple of hundred roaches, how quick that could get out of hand. I have opened straw boxes in restaurants and 10-15 roaches would run out. Yikes

To Identify the German roach, (and you really need to know) is the key to knowing how to kill German roaches.

The German roach has a whitish yellow streak running down the center of the thorax behind the head. Actually they have 2 blackish lines running down both side of the thorax, they are ½ inch to 5/8 inch long, the nymphs are wingless smaller and darker. See image.

Make no mistake, they are difficult to get rid of and the reason is that most people do not have the stomach or the patience to perform this task.

Follow up is the key to eliminating the roach, but then follow up is the key to eliminate most insects. The German roach is no different.

Yes you can use baits, yes you can eliminate them. Most people are not willing to wait that long. Chemical treatment can be the fastest way. Or you could use a combination of both.

But first lets see what can be done to eliminate the pest with as little chemicals as possible.

If the infestation is not too big then try this.

  1. First Clean the area in question. This would involve cleaning under all the cabinets with a vacuum, by doing this you will be able to tell just how much activity there is.

  2. Tools needed: A good flashlight is a must , A hand held tank type vacuum cleaner. If you can get to the local do it yourself pest control store, ask for a bait. Also ask for sticky traps

  3. Take the flash light and look under the cabinets in the cracks and crevices, you're looking for roaches of course, but also for antennas sticking out. The first clue of an infestation is the droppings (fecal) and empty or full egg capsules (oorthecae) laying around.

  4. When you find the pest, just start vacuuming up the roaches, even those trying to run. Remember you will have roaches in the vacuum cleaner, make sure you get a plastic bag and empty contents into plastic bag, tie up top and get rid of bag.

  5. Place baits in and around the area in question. You can also place sticky traps around to capture roaches and monitor the situation. Now you are on your way to being rid of this dirty problem.

  6. Follow up. Very important, Remember I said to vacuum all the droppings, dead roaches and egg capsules up. If you did this, In about 10 you will be able to look and see if there is activity going on. If you do not see any pest or signs of pest, just re bait and go on for another 10 days. If you do see signs of pest repeat the process.
Remember this if you have a lot of trouble, do not hesitate to call a pest control company.
This procedure is the safest chemical free type pest control on how to kill German roaches available.

Good luck