Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cock Roach Control

First off there is no set way to do cockroach control with out knowing what kind of roach your dealing with. Roaches have different habitats and eating habits, knowing this would be the only way you can treat properly. Most people just say cockroach or palmetto bug in the southern regions of the US
Here is a list of some of the most common cockroaches
Cockroach control is best started by practicing good housekeeping and using insecticides when necessary, but using insecticides is not always necessary. If the infestation is very small then you could use glue traps or bait. Cockroach control is a simple exercise of common sense and consistency. Take the fight to them and make sure to take no prisoners.
Cockroach control is ordinarily accomplished by "spot treatment" of the dark and hidden places normally frequented by cockroaches during daylight hours
Sometimes the surviving insects in these areas may learn to avoid the treated areas and seek harborage elsewhere in the building.
If you notice an outbreak of cockroaches you should do one of two things right away.
Begin treatment right away if you have the knowledge and tools or call an exterminator and let him start exterminating for you.
Store food in roach tight containers and avoid spilling it, clean the countertops and other areas where food is often. Sweep around table and areas where kids eat and play. Pick up any old rags or cardboard that has been laying around.
Cockroach control requires you to know that adult females produce small, bean-shaped egg capsules. The female usually drops the egg capsules or glues them to some surface soon after they are formed. Adults generally are about 1 inch long, brown to dark chocolate brown, the Australian cockroach has narrow tan line running along the outside edges of the wings and the area behind the head
Adults live an average of 20 weeks. The German cockroach has the shortest life cycle of house-infesting roaches (from egg to egg in three to six weeks).
I am going to repeat this. Like any other pest, such as ants, fleas, bedbugs and termites cockroach control takes patience and most important is the follow up.