Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bug Exterminator

Bug Exterminator Do I Need One

A bug exterminator is always needed if you know bugs are everywhere! It doesn’t matter if you’re the cleanest person in the world; you’re going to have bugs and you’ll need a bug exterminator to get rid of them. For some reason bugs love to go into your house when you’re not looking. They creep into the walls, the floor, and your cabinets and every little crack and crevices in your house. Spiders, ants, bed bugs, mites, fleas, and roaches, even bees will get in your house. Whether you do it yourself or hire one, you’re going to need a good bug exterminator especially if your problem is getting rid of roaches.

 Bugs are Mother Nature’s little workers. They help pollinate our flowers and vegetables, fruits, trees and shrubs and they clean up spent flowers, leaves, branches and other bugs. Some are good bugs and others are bad bugs. Such as aphids and ants; aphids will suck the life out of a vegetable during their growth but ants come along and eat the aphids. Aphids are part of ant’s food supply and they will protect them by taking them into their nests during rain storms and people storms to save them. Tricky little buggers! To get rid of aphids you either have to spray or pick them off one at a time. Ants are one of Mother Nature’s best bug exterminators. We need them; we just don’t need them in our houses.

Bug Exterminators Identify the Problem

To exterminate bugs you first need to identify the bug accurately. Putting out a natural or chemical compound for ants only to find out you have spiders is a waste of time. Most bugs are nuisances that come into your homes to find an attractive food supply. So removing the food supply should remove the bugs. You would think...sometimes it just brings in another type of bug.

Bugs are always on the lookout for food and water supplies. Even if the food supply is removed they might still be coming in looking for water. Identifying the bug will help in its removal. Look for movements or habits. If you can’t see the bugs, note what they are dropping, footprints or piles of sawdust or any damage to plants, food products, furniture or the building’s structure. If you can catch one of the little buggers take it to your County Extension Office for identification. They can tell you what it is and how to exterminate it. They will also tell you how to control the bug problem and how to prevent a re occurrence. If you hire a bug exterminator, they will come out to your house and apply a long lasting pesticide to prevent a re occurrence.

Using word of mouth to find the right bug exterminator.

Word of mouth is the best way to find a reliable bug exterminator. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have used a company or a company they recommend. Also be sure you feel comfortable with the company you hire to take care of your bug problems. Ask them what products and techniques they use, how the product will affect you and your loved ones, what you have to do before they come out, such as vacating the house, emptying the cupboards, removing pets, etc. Also be sure to ask what you can do to prevent or minimize any future re occurrence of your bug problem. This will really let you know if you need a bug exterminator or not.